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I address to all those who undertook the quest of searching the new!

Our world follows the path of technological development, therefore all intents to describe the astral plane with occult theories and practices often face lack of understanding. I consider the path of personal spiritual development to be correct, but self perfection alone will not provide a significant leap in development. We need to search for a simpler way of detection and development of the human capacity.

My name is Alexey Lyanguzov.

Since 1998 I study metaphysical capacities of a man on the physical and astral planes. The out of body experiences are usually used to study the relationship of the physical world with astral plane, to search the conditions of their contact and interaction. 10 years have provided the practical experience and theoretical basis sufficient to begin serious research. Even now I have feasible ideas of devices and mechanisms which enable a common person to extent his abilities.

astral projection techniques: astral body

Presently, there is a project of a device for monitoring the human aura. The method is based on a complex system of light absorbing elements which allows to filter out the visible wave spectrum and computer processing of the data from extended sensitivity photo matrix with simultaneous "highlight" of the subject by an electric field of ultrahigh frequency with oscillation close to resonance with those of a human. (This method is not using the Kirlian effect!)

how to lucid dream and have out of body experiences (Astral Projections)

It is also planned to research the effect of the magnetic field over the minerals, and there already are positive results of recording thoughts on a crystal*, charged after this method. Crystals with denser lattice require entirely different parameters of electromagnetic field, and for that I need a more powerful equipment. I have practice to see the crystals in my out of body experience, in astral plane crystal light a more stronger after charging in experimental device.

astral projection how to guide, astral projections

There exists, but needs perfection a gadget for inducing lucid dreams and astral projections. Its principle (know how) is very much different from that of all currently available. At a first glance, this comparatively small device reminds a common watch, but it is put on a leg and is equipped with microcomputer and special emitter.

out of body experience, astral crystals

* (minerals, programmed in a special way have long since been used to affect cells of the human body, cure of cancer diseases and tissue regeneration. Powerful psychics and mages may affect the mineral with their mental energy, but a common person has insufficient field energy for that. My methods allows to improve the perceptibility of the crystal by means of an external device to an extent sufficient for a common person to work with)

I offer everyone to participate in further research and technology development.

Invest astral research and receive documents for licensing and patent registration to your name

    Become a member of research group, you obtain:
  1. Description of the research (experiments) and their results
  2. The possibility to work with statistical data of polls and tests, instruments for individual analysis of the astral experience of hundreds of thousands people in our database!
  3. Insight of the program of further research
  4. Technology monitoring
  5. Photo, Video materials of Astral Projection OBE experiments
  6. Free Astral Projection inducing MP3 files in Donwload section (MP3 files to induce out of body experience and MP3 for lucid dream)

    Funding of the research:
  7. The possibility of receive documents for licensing and patent registration to your name (after the research is complete)*
  8. The rights for technology distribution
* I do not own patents for my inventions, or have patents for them only in the Russian Federation. Drawings, descriptions and other documents for patent registration can be sent to any participant on his request. This is explained in greater detain in the restricted area of the site.

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